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Easily...the most detailed and professional haunt within Northern California. We attended the last weekend to be able to walk through super slow. The actors and set are amazing. Definitely going next year!
Adrian S. Google Review
I live for Halloween and scare parks, I have been to almost every one in California and must say I felt like I was in a movie. The sets were done so so well. Pay for the instant pass, very much worth it.
Mason M. Google Review
The whole walk through house was 30 minutes long. The actresses were great! The place inside was amazing a lot of attention to details and great scenes.
Arian B. Google Review
Amazingly put together and was a very enjoyable as the first terror park I've been to on a date with my fiance. It was definitely fun to hear her scream
Kyle M. Google Review
Wow! What a fun experience. The actors are fun and amazing! So much planning obviously went into this. My family definitely plans to return next year!
Sherry B. Google Review
Really great job had me scared for my life lol my heart was pounding at some point I even grabbed a random person and asked them to help me make it out! Definitely worth the fast pass.
Maria E. Google Review
This place is amazing, and I'm writing this as a horror fan and first-time haunted house goer. Our small group definitely got our money's worth with this place - and yes, it's worth upgrading to the instant access tickets.
Reese S. Google Review
This was the best haunted house I've ever been to! The staff were super friendly, the line moved quick and the setup was amazing. Everything looked great and realistic, it was actually spooky!
Sharon K. Google Review
AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Great props, great actors and the fear factor was way up there for me. I'm not a huge haunted house fan, but this one exceeded my expectations!
Julie H. Google Review
The environment was amazing! Some of the best haunted house decorations I've ever seen. The actors were really good too.
Violet S. Google Review
We went here last night and had a great time! The props in the mazes were really detailed and well thought out, I was really impressed! My tip is to walk though slow and enjoy the atmosphere.
Anna M. Google Review
The price was perfect, the scares and ambieance was amazing. You spaced people out. No complaints and just had a blast.
Necron L. Google Review