3 outrageous haunted houses


In the 1940’s, the Sacramento Public Showers was a thriving arena, filled with community and joy…until October of 1948. Samantha Baker, a local schoolgirl, was found hanged in the bathroom stalls late one night. After that, the showers went abandoned and forgotten, until last week when the Sacramento PD received a call for help coming from within the showers. Now, it is your time to find out what happened.

Mature audiences only.


Nicknamed 'The Tooth Fairy' by law enforcement, this killer has been wanted by federal police on account of 17 murders. The killer performs a hack-job oral surgery on his victims, including the removal of their teeth and gums. As an urban explorer, you have accidentally stumbled upon the home of The Tooth Fairy. Smile, and show him those pearly whites. . .

It is pitch black inside. You will be provided one flashlight only to survive the horror.


Upon answering a yell for help, you have stumbled upon the home of a murderer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. Let's hope the killer isn't home. Discover the obscenities in this killer's house in the dark - the electricity has been shut off.

Named one of the top haunted house attractions in the nation. Mature audiences only.


Line entertainment enters the queue line crowds on Fridays and Saturdays starting October 13th. Includes live creatures and photo-ops.

Let's get scared, Sacramento.


Welcome to Sacramento’s most outrageous haunted house event. As voted the scariest haunted house in California, Ultimate Terror Scream Park offers 3 outrageous haunted houses and line entertainment. Named the Best in the West by Forbes and one of the top ‘Haunted Houses Near Me’ in the nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine. Open 23 nights in October. 


The Scream Park Events Company has locations in the Sacramento, San Francisco, & Seattle areas.


This October, we bring to you our signature attraction: The Superstition Killer. 

He was born in 1971. He had a normal childhood in a decent home, and grew up in the outskirts of Sacramento County. Everything about him was normal, until he hit puberty. His psychiatrist told his parents that he may have traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

As he grew up in high school, his peers began to treat him differently. He would have quirks of turning on and off the lights switches and of washing his hands over and over, and over again. He absolutely would never step on a crack. All he wanted was to fit in with the rest of the boys, but they ridiculed him.

As you can imagine, he quickly lost his self esteem, and grew bitter of his peers. Later on, he would have periodic uncontrollable outbursts of rage. He fantasized of getting his revenge on those around him. But the real stressor was in 1988, when his parents were killed in a drunk driving accident. It was the same day that one of his peers had forced his foot to step on a crack on the sidewalk. He had always avoided the cracks before in fear of breaking his mother’s back.

This sent him spiraling downwards. He locked himself in isolation and swore to never trust again.

Finally, after years of isolation, he took his anger out on an unsuspecting stranger. And it felt good. So good that it turned into an obsession. Now, after years of perfecting his craft, he tortures his victims using a superstition-related apparatus.

It is time for you to explore his den. You and your group have been provided with one dim flashlight to survive the horror. Just whatever you do, don’t step on a crack.