This hospital you’ll find yourself in was once owned by the unstable Dr. Slit. He built secret passageways throughout his hospital so could sneak easily into patients’ rooms without a trace and have his freedom to experiment on the helpless persons. He particularly took special interest in their faces and brains. The hospital was shut down after the crimes were discovered, but the maniac was never caught. Some say he hid away in his secret passageways, and he is still there… waiting for you to come see if the legend was ever true. Maybe the legend was better…

It is pitch black inside. You will be provided one flashlight only to survive.


There is something wrong with the old industrial building that used to house a recreation center. Gritty and deathly quiet, anyone who dares enter the building will find themselves locked in a maze. You will find yourself hunted by the demons who perished in the industrial wreck of a building from a chemical fire, that took lives and transformed others into flesh eating monsters. They stalk around the center with long flowing black hair covering their heads. Long enough to strangle anyone with, long enough to choke someone with… They will never forgive or forget. Now it is your turn to begrudge.

It's time to SCREAM.


David Elusion was convinced that everything would be after him. His superstitious beliefs were unhealthy and paranoid. David was convinced that before his fears could kill him, others would need to be killed by them first. So David went to work, killing countless people making sure each one was killed in that of a fashion of superstitious beliefs. Not a soul would escape him, and there would be no hexes put on David for his deeds, for he became the scariest one of all due to his obsession. If you dare enter his home, perhaps you’ll see his latest work for the good of himself, or even better, him.

Don't step on the crack.