Ultimate Terror Scream Park

August 30, 2016 - Haunted House

As Halloween draws near, families, couples and individuals will be looking for the excitement and fun activities everywhere they can. There are several places to visit during Halloween especially if you come from the west. However, one major theme seems to characterize this region; horror. Whether you are from Sacramento or just visiting California for the Halloween, there are limitless sports to hang out. Nonetheless, one main place stands out for those looking for outrageous haunted houses and parks; the Ultimate Terror Scream Park. It is one of the best Sacramento Halloween events for anyone looking for adrenaline rush and some exhilarating entertainment.

Live horror sessions
Live horror entertainment is among the most exciting sessions of the Halloween events provided Ultimate Terror Scream Park. The Halloween haunt is one of the unparalleled Sacramento events in the squares of this terror theme park. Actors go on live dressed in the most outrageous and scariest of outfits to make you scream. However, it is all fun and excitement and horror enthusiast could not find a better place to be among all events Sacramento offers during Halloween.

Availability and tickets
The Halloween haunt and horror event runs for 23 nights in October and often stretches into November. This year, it starts from October 1st to November 5th starting 7pm. There are four different ticket offers that include the following;

• General admission – this $25 ticket offers you access to everything including the 3 incredible haunted houses and a live horror entertainment. If you are simply trying these types of Sacramento Halloween events for the first time, this is the starting point.
• Fast pass admission – this $32 ticket offers everything in the general admission in addition to the privilege of passing/skipping the line in all of the three haunted houses.

• VIP admission – this $40 ticket offers the ultimate experience in the scream park. You can enter any of the haunted houses any number of times in a night, and with fast pass admission every time.

• VIP Park-Hopper-Admission – this is a $70 ticket that allows you to visit the Ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento as well as the Fear Overload Scream Park in SF Bay Area. You can do this on any chosen two nights with VIP admission passes in both venues.

Real Props
When it comes to terror scream parks, Halloween haunt and horror entertainment in the west, there is none above Ultimate Terror Scream Park. It is by far the scariest haunt house not only in Sacramento, but in the whole of California. Forbes Magazine named it the best in the West while Haunted Attractions Magazine listed it as one of the best Halloween events in the US. The atmosphere is nothing like full HD as it is way beyond the screen experience and guests come to catch the best of horror entertainment.

As aforementioned, there are various places to visit for Halloween in California. Horror events and venues like Ultimate Terror Scream Park only allow adult audience as most of the displayed acts are simply extreme, shocking and outrageous. It is the best of horror you can hope for in the Western region and everything is set up to give the audience a good scare and adrenaline rush.