The Scream Park California Vision

July 10, 2014 - Events
Welcome to Scream Park California, the ultimate Halloween event. Open for only 18 nights in October and November, Scream Park California unites every aspect of the Halloween experience into one colossal event. Scream Park California features three spectacular haunted houses, national music acts, food, drinks, and thundering live entertainment. And that’s not all. This year, Scream Park California has exploded in growth, marking its territory in three cities along the West Coast. Scream Park California’s unrelenting force may be contributed by its owner and producer, Nathan Polanco, who said on Saturday, “we operate the largest Halloween event franchise on the West Coast, but do you think that we have settled? Not even close. We will never stop outdoing ourselves and expanding until we are dead.” According to the website, Scream Park California’s company moto is ”never stop clawing to the top”. And in recent years, Scream Park California has proven itself time and time again, climbing its way up. Boasting a West Coast Halloween event franchise, Polanco now envisions a nationwide franchise, each event consisting of the most elaborate, fear-inducing haunted houses and thundering live music concerts. “We’re not going anywhere. You can see us at the top,” exclaims Polanco.