The Most Eerie Haunted House in California

July 10, 2016 - Entertainment

Experience the most unnerving and egregious horror house in California, the Ultimate Terror Scream Park this October. Voted as the most horror striking scariest haunted house in California, this terror park is beset with the most eerie experiences for you. Gear up for the most dreadful and haunted night ahead.

The last Halloween season was a blasting one, with Cemetarium haunted house where outrageous and aghast nightmares haunted you through the 5 deadly fearsome chambers. If you are planning a visit in the Citrus Heights don’t forget to get yourself ready to face your worst fears at this season grand Halloween event in Sacramento. If you are interested in having some bizarre fun, do not miss out to locate the best Citrus Heights haunted house, the Ultimate Terror Scream Park.

This scream park has already been named the Best Haunted Attraction in the West by Forbes. The Twisted Mind of Slipknot presents 3 freaking plagued houses with creepy and ghastly creatures waiting out there to shiver waves of fear through your nerves and let you scream the hell out of you. Expect the unexpected this Halloween event. If you are checking out the popular horror events or Scandia haunted house events, stop by Sacramento, for a hair rising horror night.

Ghastly Chambers of Fear at Slipknot’s Scream Park

The 3 different haunted houses featured this Halloween season at the Ultimate Terror Scream Park are intended particularly for matured audiences. The producers are strictly suggesting discretion, for this there will be no mercy as you enter the blood clotted, nasty and scary bathrooms, where outrageous fear awaits to dry out your throat. There is no rescue for the venture goes on through gruesome and bloodcurdling scenes of sins.

Passes for Haunted House

This season the astounding Citrus Heights haunted house, at Sacramento is all set to challenge your nerves. Passes are available for

General Pass visit to 3 haunted houses

Fast Pass admission if you cannot keep up with your patience through queue

VIP Pass for relentless entries to the 3 chambers of live horror entertainment on a single night

VIP Park Hopper Passes that provides you hassle free entry to the two most appalling horror shows at Ultimate Terror Scream Park at Sacramento and Fear Overloaded Scream Park at SF Bay Area. Visit both the events on two specific nights during the entire season.

Fear Strikes at 7pm

The entry tickets to the most scintillating, horny and shivery nights for this Halloween Season in October will be available at park counter from 7pm till 12am. It seems like the walking dead people from Cemetarium haunted house this time will haunt you through every phase of life while you have a walk through these 3 grotesque haunted houses designed by Slipknot. Slipknot takes special care to instigate your fear with gruesome intrigues of musical interjections, silence, hearth throbbing beats of fear.

Enjoy this Halloween with Slipknot’s Scream Park haunted houses and the Aftershock, that is the musical event featuring numerous power packed musical shows. Plan your Halloween month now, get your tickets ready and stay prepared for a great experience.