September 21, 2014 - Entertainment
Constructing multiple haunts or even just one is a huge juggling game with logistics. It is important to have a plan through every aspect. A build day at the haunt can quickly turn into a car spinning its wheels if the proper organization is not in place.

Begin your day with a walk through of your haunt. Decide what is a reasonable amount of work to get done that day with the labor your have ready. Keep in mind that efficiency should always be in the back of your mind. Do I really need 3 people painting a hallway? Do we have all the materials for that project? Is the time that effect will take to create worth the time? With so many untied strings hanging around you it’s difficult to keep your eye on the big picture while focusing on the tasks at hand.

Working efficiently can expedite your timetable greatly. Maximizing the potential of the labor you have at hand is also an important factor. If you have a person who is heavy handed put them on construction instead of foam carving. Say you have someone who has trouble focusing, keep them on projects where they are not alone so they have a constant reminder of the task at hand.

Set yourself up for success; remember that logic is your friend. When you know you will be painting a room white but know you’re going to need cream in the hallway beside it start with the white room first. You wont have to wash your brushes and trays in-between since you will be mixing white and yellow to create your secondary color anyways. Had you started with the cream hallway all your tools would need to be cleaned before you could start on your white walls. Saving you 10-20 minutes right there. Small mistakes such as that begin to add up and soon hours of time can become wasted due to poor efficiency. Constructing a haunt is a lot like a game of chess, its best to keep your mind a few moves ahead for the best outcome.