How to Design the Perfect Layout of Haunted Houses

October 22, 2014 - Haunted House
Designing the layout of a haunted house is one of the most important parts of the process of creating it. The key is to make it exciting, while also easily navigable. The balance of rooms to hallways must be just right. Rooms are the perfect stage for actors to perform, and have ample space for furniture, or other large props. Hallways, because they are so confined, are unsettling just as they are. That unsettled feeling, however, tends to lessen if they are overused. Approximately 2-3 rooms per hallway is the most effective balance. The other thing to think about is if you want to create a room in which the customers have to find their way through a difficult portion of the maze. For instance, several doors that need to be checked, or a dead end that forces customers to backtrack to find a hidden hallway. If the haunted house is expected to be heavily attended, an owner must consider whether or not it is worth it to put extra space between customers to allow enough time for them to find their way out. In some cases, in which the attraction will be very heavily attended, it is not worth it. For less attended venues, these can take the experience up a notch.