Do you believe in ghosts? Entities, demons, spirits? Not monsters, not physical forms of beasts who are out to hurt you, no. I mean supernatural, otherworldly forces that defy time, logic, and science. The biggest question when we’re younger is, is there a heaven and a hell? Well what if neither exists? What if there is just a hell, or no afterlife whatsoever? What if we are all stuck in a limbo for the rest of eternity when we die, or more importantly, what if we all just become something as simplistic as a ghost, a soul who left the expired body and is doomed to roam the earth until the earth dies, blows up, implodes, etc. Perhaps they are all real, they do “haunt” or roam the earth or wherever they decide to or are bound to, and let’s just say that humans are doomed no matter what to end up as an entity or ghost. Perhaps a ghost is someone who was decent in life and is allowed to observe and communicate via technology. And maybe a demon is someone who was awful in life and is tormented by painful existence as such a demon and can only put that pain at ease by causing living humans pain on earth? But again, what if there is no heaven or hell? What if it all just remains on earth? Seems like a dreadful afterlife or a fun one if you can imagine it being. The supernatural has always baffled us, whether it is true or not true, you have to admit, it is a compelling argument. But whatever you choose to believe, maybe souls just are the last resort to dying, maybe we all do just remain in ghostly form on earth whether we were good or bad in life. Whatever the answers may be, maybe they are better left unanswered. Until death that is.