How to Survive a Visit to Haunted House

As Halloween nears a visit to a horror park is a great idea
to get your horror vibe on. The Ultimate Terror Scream Park will give you this
opportunity. To be held all through the month of October stretching on to November
till the 5th, this annual event gives the people of Sacramento the
chance to experience the spooky feeling that comes with being in haunted
houses. Getting to the haunted house is not enough fun, you need to go in and make
it out without looking like an insane person in front of all your friends and
those attending the events. If you plan to go on a trip to haunted houses in
Sacramento this Halloween season here are some tips that will help you survive
the visit.

Stay in the middle of
the crowd

It is human to be scared and you should not let it bring you
down. You however do not want to let people around you know this. As you move
from one attraction to the other in the haunted house, stay in the middle of
the crowd. You do not want to be at the front and be the first to meet the
scary things ahead but also being last may give actors better chance to scare
you. Staying in the middle gives you the confidence you need to move through
all the attractions.

Know the directions

When you just cannot take it anymore you need to find a way
out. You will not be able to do this if you do not know the haunted house well.
To understand this get the directions from the attraction’s website and master
them so you use the nearest exit when that time comes. When you really have to
go do not force yourself to stay, this could be even more embarrassing than
leaving. You could pee in your pants! If you attended in the company of friends
make up a believable exit plan.

Never attend the
event alone

When you are in the company of a friend you will feel more
confident. Well, you do not want to look like a fool in front of them. Whenever
possible, ask someone who you are close with to accompany you. This way you have
someone you can cuddle and hold on to when you get really scared and you will
be able to get through the haunted house trip together.

Keep eye contact with
the actors

There are actors in scare zones ready to play stunts on you
and scare all attending the event. These actors in many haunted houses in
Sacramento CA tend to target people who are not confident. Keeping eye contact
proves the contrary and you will be spared from being the target. They tend to
aim at scaring those who keep their head down. Well, these people are an easy
target and are more likely to fall for the stunts and scream their hearts out. The
more you scream the more accomplished they will feel.

It is okay to be

This is the whole point of going for a haunted house event. Scream
as much as you may want and do not be that mean guy claiming that every act is
not scary.