Ultimate Terror SCream Park

Sacramento is a place which is very rich in culture and history.
Especially during the Halloween time, there are lots of things to do in
Sacramento. Halloween Activities takes place throughout the entire
place. There are amazing events for all kinds of age groups.

Sacramento Halloween Guide:

Spookomotive train ride: Take this ride along with your entire family,
if you are looking for a great but safe Halloween experience. This train
runs in diesel and goes past the famous Sacramento River. It is
decorated with scary props like skeletons, ghosts or other creepy
monsters. The look of the train alone is enough to scare away the kids.
They also have different themes for every week. Throughout the journey,
you will be told some scary Halloween stories by the crew. Scary songs
will also be played while returning.

2. Sacramento History
Museum: Sacramento is a very historical place. You will find lots of
museums and old historical places here. Hence, naturally, lots of
interesting and scary events have happened in its rich history. During
the Halloween time, the Museum offers ghost tours to the residents and
tourists. It is usually a one hour walking tour through the city. The
tour starts from the museum itself. You will get to hear some eerie and
spooky stories about the rich story of Sacramento. Make sure to book
these tours in advance. They usually gets full very quickly.

Sacramento Zoo: The zoo is also a very happening place during the
Halloween time. It converts into a kids playground. This is a great
place to spend Halloween for kids under the age of 10. There are around
twenty five candy stations across the zoo, where the kids can safely
trick or treat. Apart from this, lots of other Halloween activities also takes place. There is also a haunted house, which has been made specially for
the kids. Apart from that, the pumpkin bowling event is a huge favorite
among all the little ones. A DJ is also there to entertain the guests.

Ultimate Terror Scream Park: Among all the other different things to do in Sacramento, this place will give you the ultimate Halloween experience. Inside the park, you will find three haunted
house based on different themes, which can scare even the bravest of
guys. Apart from this, there is also live horror entertainment for the
visitors. The ticket prices starts at $25. The three haunted houses are:

1. The Bath House: The theme here is very interesting and is
only for mature and brave audiences. The Sacramento Showers used to be a
very happening place. But one day, one girl was found hanged. After
that, that place became deserted and no one visited there again. But a
phone call came recently from the showers asking for help. It is your
job to go inside the house and find out what exactly happened.

The Tooth Fairy: By mistake, you have come across the house of a
dangerous criminal by the name of ” tooth fairy”. After killing the
victims, the tooth fairy removes all the teeth and the gums from the
victim. The house is absolutely pitch dark. You will be handed a torch
to survive.

3. 7 Deadly Sins: Accidentally, you have
stumbled across the house of a dangerous criminal who lives by the
principles of the seven deadly sins. There is no electricity inside the
house. You have to explore the house in complete darkness.