Scream Park California Partners with Slipknot and Aftershock Music Festival

This October, Scream Park California is teaming up with one of the world’s foremost musical acts. Global phenomenon Slipknot will be producing three of the most horrendous haunted houses ever conceived, and lending its name to the event, creating Slipknot’s Scream Park. The two members who have been most active in production have been percussionist and founder Shawn “Clown” Crahan, and Corey Taylor, lead singer. While the jump from music to event production may at first seem somewhat large, the band members have taken this undertaking very seriously, and have adapted very easily to the horror genre. Known for their wild showmanship, heavy use of masks, and edgy persona, their artistic talents translate well to horror production.

While events such as Callson Manor, Fright Planet, and Corbett’s House of Horror have long been a part of Sacramento’s haunted house lineup, this should lead to the likes of which Sacramento has never seen. Uniting Scream Park California’s years of haunted house expertise with Slipknot’s fresh perspective on the genre, as well as their reputation as incredible entertainers will surely result in something that Northern Californians will remember for years to come. Setting a new benchmark for Halloween entertainment seems not to be just a goal for this event, but an inevitability. Even more, the band will be performing at the Aftershock music festival on October 24th less than half an hour away from their twisted brainchild. For more information about the music festival, go to

Aftershock, the biggest metal show in Sacramento, will take place on October 24th and 25th. It will feature over 45 acts including Shinedown, Seether, Marilyn Manson, Deftones, and of course, Slipknot. Graciously, Slipknot has even offered to host the pre-party. Though the festival will take place at the Gibson Ranch County Park, the pre-party will be located at the site of Slipknot’s Scream Park, where attendees will be able to enjoy food trucks, live music, and of course, three of the most grotesque haunted houses ever conceived of. Pre-party attendees who have tickets to Aftershock will be able to buy Slipknot’s Scream Park tickets for only $15 that evening.

There are plenty of opportunities for savings for those who intend to go to both Slipknot’s Scream Park and Aftershock, including the pre-party deal. People can also buy the Aftershock bundle online through Slipknot’s Scream Park’s website. Visit for more details. The bundle costs $115, and gets you a ticket to Aftershock, and a ticket to Slipknot’s Scream Park.

It has been rumored that Slipknot may even appear at their Scream Park a few times. Attendees are encouraged to keep an eye out for them. Though they won’t be performing at the event, they will likely be there to sign autographs and meet fans on select nights throughout October. Get your Aftershock bundle now to save on both the music festival, and Slipknot’s Scream Park admission! Purchase soon, as supplies are limited.